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Huang Xingxian's lineage

Here's a list of websites from students who learnt tai chi from Huang Xingxian or through one of his students. This is our closest tai chi "family".

Teachers from the lineage of Huang Xingxian

Huang (foreground) defending a challenge by a wrestler (on the ground). Yek Sing Ong (background) was the referee representing Huang.Central Connecticut Tai Chi Ch'uan
Website for the tai chi school of David and Barbara Ritchie in Connecticut, USA.

Dr Cheng Man-Ch'ng, The Master
Website by a student of Mr Tay, includes an email address for contacting Mr Tay in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Henry Wang Tai Chi School
School founded by Henry Wang. Based in Canada, with associated classes in Belgium and the USA. Includes an explanation of Henry Wang's interpretation of tai chi, and video clips of demonstrations by Henry Wang.

King Tai Chi - Stress Management & Relaxation Technique Health Centre
School founded by James Lau K King. Classes in Malaysia.

Huang Tai Chi Tenom, Borneo, Malaysia
Malaysia Deputy Chief Instructor: Foong, Choon Sang . Classes in Tenom, Sabah, Malaysia.
School founded by Patrick Kelly. Associated classes in Australia, Austria, England, France, Germany, Italy and New Zealand. Books and a poster by Patrick Kelly are available for purchase through the website.
Related websites:

pushinghands (Chinese)
School founded by Cheng Shyan Chi. Classes in Taiwan. Includes video clips of Cheng Shyan Chi.

Rennie Chong Tai Chi Training Centre
School founded by Rennie Chong. Classes in Singapore.

Singapore Taiji Society
School founded by Huang Xingxian. Classes in Singapore, includes video clips of Huang Xingxian.

Huang does push hands with a student.Sydney School of Tai Chi
School founded by Robin Chambers.

Tai Chi Huang Sheng Shyan
School founded by Huang Xingxian, and now headed by Yek Giong and Huang Chiew Mei. Classes in Malaysia (HQ) and Brunei. Includes photos of demonstrations by Huang Xingxian and Yek Giong.

Tai Chi Works
School founded by Tony Ward. Based in Australia, with associated classes in Switzerland and Germany.
Related website:

Taijiquan School of Central Equilibrium
School founded by Wee Kee Jin. Based in New Zealand, with associated classes in Australia, Denmark, England, Germany and Norway. A book by Wee Kee Jin is available for purchase through the website. The website also includes training notes by Wee Kee Jin and his senior students.
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Selected Tai Chi Websites

Zheng Manqing doing the tai chi 37 formThis is a collection of other websites we found interesting or useful.

Cheng Tze Tai-Chi Chuan Study Association (Chinese & English) Please note that this website is sometimes unavailable.
The official website for the tai chi school founded by Zheng Manqing in Taiwan.

Lee Scheele's Online T'ai Chi Ch'uan Notebook
Includes a huge list of links to tai chi websites and a translation of the tai chi classics.

St. Louis T'ai Chi Ch'uan
Includes research on health benefits of tai chi.

Tai Chi Chuan Forum
A community forum for people who are learning tai chi from the lineage of Zheng Manqing. You can enquire here about learning tai chi from this lineage.

Wu Wei Taichi Club
We really enjoy David Chen's clever tai chi art.

Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan
The official website for Yang Zhenduo and Yang Jun from the current generation of the Yang family. Our tai chi derives from Yang Chengfu, a famous tai chi expert from a previous generation of the Yang family.

Link Exchange Websites

These websites link to us - we appreciate it! You may enjoy exploring further here.

Andrew Barry: Middle Park Tai Chi Centre in Melbourne, Australia
Creatures Virtual Art Gallery
Easy Tai Chi
Hsing-I Martial Arts Institute
Knud Erik Andersen's Tai Chi Chuan Institute
Martial Arts Directory for New Zealand
Martial Arts Web Pages - New Zealand links and resources site
Open Directory - Tai Chi
Opzijnbest - Kungfu
Piper's page of NZ Links
Qi Journal
Rem's Tai Chi Page (Go Kiwi Internet)
Te Mana Combat System
Te Puna Web Directory / New Zealand
Virtual Library Martial Arts - Tai Chi
Robert Chuckrow Tai Chi Arts - Westchester, NY, USA
World Tai Chi Day
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