tai chi 42 form It's well known that just 20 to 30 minutes of exercise every day will improve our lives. Like any exercise, tai chi improves your fitness and makes your muscles, bones, heart and lungs stronger.

Tai chi is an exercise that anyone can do, and it uses natural, comfortable movements that are gentle on the joints. It is enjoyable and does not unduly stress the body.

The Chinese tradition

Performed properly, tai chi is a form of chi kung (qigong). In Chinese culture, it is widely respected as an exercise that promotes overall good health and a calm mind.

When taught according to traditional methods, tai chi is a discipline that fully engages you. There is a constant process of learning and improvement that means you will stay fascinated; many who start tai chi just for exercise continue doing tai chi for their whole lives.

Better Health with Sing Ong Tai Chi

tai chi 42 form Our students have found tai chi useful for improving posture and recovering from a variety of back, knee, hip, neck and other injuries.

Frequently, students comment that they feel full of energy after class, and that they are able to sleep deeply after practising.

Getting started

The first thing you will learn when you start Sing Ong Tai Chi is a series of tai chi exercises that don't need any special equipment and can be performed in a space of just a few square metres. These exercises will immediately start improving your fitness, coordination and agility.

Our exercises are excellent for improving health because they are easy to learn and remember, and they are very soothing and enjoyable to perform.

Learning more

If you would like to learn the elegantly powerful movements of the form, the deep relaxation and strategic thinking required to master push hands, or the fascinating self defence skills of tai chi, you can go on to learn other aspects of our syllabus.


tai chi 42 form

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