This page will give you an idea of the origins of what we are learning and teaching at Sing Ong Tai Chi.

Yang style tai chi

We do Yang style tai chi, as taught by Cheng Man Ching (Zheng Manqing) to Huang Sheng Shyan (Huang Xingxian). Yek Sing Ong, the founder of Sing Ong Tai Chi, learnt tai chi from Huang for 30 years.

Huang Xingxian

Huang (front) leads a tai chi sword form Huang Xingxian learnt Fujian white crane kungfu (baihequan) from young. Huang achieved some fame for his success in regional martial arts tournaments.

Huang learns tai chi with Zheng

Later, Huang became interested in tai chi, and sought out Zheng Manqing in Taiwan. Huang was so impressed with Zheng's skill that Huang decided to give up baihequan and learn tai chi.

Huang founded tai chi schools in Singapore and Malaysia, and he and his instructors taught an estimated 40,000 students. In 1970, Huang used tai chi to soundly defeat the South-East Asia shuai jiao champion in a public match. (Shuai jiao is Chinese wrestling, with similarities to jujitsu and judo.) Huang's exceptional skill has been praised by many tai chi and martial arts experts who met him. Huang passed away in 1992.

Yek Sing Ong

Yek (standing) with Huang Yek Sing Ong was born in Sarikei, Sarawak (Malaysia) in 1942.

Early days learning Shaolin kungfu

Even before he could walk, he had a reputation for his martial arts - he would punch and kick the air so vigorously that friends and family jokingly nicknamed him "martial arts boy". His father began teaching him some martial arts basics from young, and soon encouraged him to learn from a skilled teacher. Yek bicycled to his martial arts teacher daily for many years.

Yek learns tai chi with Huang

In 1961, Huang Xingxian opened a tai chi school in the town of Sibu, where Yek Sing Ong was living. Yek joined the school a year later at the recommendation of his martial arts teacher. Before long, Yek was fascinated with tai chi.

Huang was an inspirational but very strict instructor. Yek Sing Ong quickly became a dedicated student, doing his best to learn everything that Huang taught - both in tai chi and baihequan. By 1964, Yek was teaching tai chi in Huang's school. Yek continued training directly under Huang until Huang passed away.

Yek's tai chi achievements

Yek (third from right) at Zheng's house in Taiwan, 1974Yek Sing Ong won the first South East Asia Open Tai Chi Chuan Push Hands Competition held in Taiwan in 1974. He was introduced to Zheng Manqing while over there.

He is one of 13 students awarded with Huang Xingxian's top certificate in tai chi.

Yek founded Sing Ong Tai Chi in 1995, and now continues studying tai chi at his home in Auckland, New Zealand.

Yek's other interests

Yek Sing Ong is an expert in chi kung (qigong) and is a qualified Chinese physician and acupuncturist.

He is also interested in Chinese calligraphy, antiques and art.


Yek (left) at a public demonstration for Huang's Tai Chi

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