tai chi pole formTai chi originally became famous as a martial art. Early exponents were so well regarded for their skill that they taught the guards of the Emperor of China and found work protecting merchants from bandits.

It was the excellent health of people who had learnt the martial art which led to tai chi's fame for promoting health and longevity.

Self defence for everyone

Tai chi is a safe and non-aggressive alternative for people who would like to learn self-defence. Even if martial skill is not one of your goals, we believe that this traditional training will make tai chi more interesting and more rewarding for you.

Martial Skill with Sing Ong Tai Chi

tai chi two person formThe emphasis in our tradition of tai chi is to use skill and accuracy to overcome strength and aggression. With good skill, there is no need for blocking, resisting or tense grabbing.

Getting started

Sing Ong Tai Chi starts with two sets of exercises which teach you the foundations of self defence. The exercises are designed by masters with more than 40 years of experience to make it easier for everyone to achieve a high level of skill.

After this, you can learn the flowing tai chi forms. Forms teach good body mechanics and useful movement patterns for self-defence. Each form is a unique store of the martial arts expertise of its creator.

Learning more

With a good mastery of fundamentals from the exercises and form, you can learn how to apply tai chi with classmates using structured and free-form training exercises.


tai chi free push hands

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