Testimonials for the Sing Ong Tai Chi classes taught by Mr Lim.


Solange Dubois

Why do you practise Tai Chi?

I was looking for an activity that is different from Yoga. I wanted an activity that could bring me well-being and satisfaction. After assisting Master Lim's class, I have decided to be part of the Tai Chi group.

That culture was corresponding to my needs. The energy, the calm and the inner peacefulness that I felt in that class had convinced me to follow Master Lim and his wife Julia.

What benefits you have gained from doing Tai Chi?

Tai Chi gave me more than I was expecting. After passing a cervical scanner, I was diagnosed a posterior central hernia to the C4 and C5 vertebras, osteophytes to the C5 and C6 vertebras and a fusion to the C6 and C7 which made me suffer and was giving me migraines.

Tai Chi training has helped me a lot. Now, I have more flexibility, less pain and I am more well-balanced energetically, physically and mentally.

How SOTC has help you understand the principles of Tai Chi?

SOTC brought me to be closer to myself. The training of Tai Chi movements has permitted me to develop patience, perseverance, also equilibrium and concentration.

In Master Lim's teaching, I have discovered that there is a lot of depth and details to integrate into the movements.

All the movements must be felt in the deepest part of our body and spirit. We must leave aside the exterior universe.

To look, listen and train is the best way to integrate that philosophy.

Tai Chi is a way of life.

Solange Dubois.

Ivan Tzatchev

Why are you learning Tai Chi?

After practising Martial Arts for 33 years and Taekwondo for 28 I felt very burned out. I was loosing focus and direction. I felt like I was at a crossroad. I had to quit or I had to fine new challenge, new direction. At the same time my body was not listening to me anymore. I had too many injuries after all those years of hard style of Martial Arts. I decided to practice Tai Chi after I met Master Lim in 1996. "I am deeply touched, Master Lim opened my eyes." "He opened a new world for me, a world of wisdom." I was seeking to improve my health condition both phisicaly and mentally.

What benefits you have gained from doing Tai Chi?

I would like to declare that practicing Tai Chi has brought me back to the depth of Martial Arts and to get me back on focus, I found the life I was looking for, depth and meaning, and mostly total dedication. Tai Chi has helped me to improve my general health, and give strength to my mind, body, and spirit peacefulness.

As I stated in the beginning I had a lot of injuries and was having pain on my shoulders and my right hip. I was suffering from bone problems and inflammation. I would liked to mention that high blood pressure, hypertension, and high stress are high risk factors in my family.

I do believe if I didn’t start practising Tai Chi, I would have been following my family trend to early retirement and pain and suffering. The only thing I have to worry about now is properly doing my Tai Chi lessons; they are the best treatment to improve my health.

How SOTC has help you understand the principles of Tai Chi?

I come to realize that my body and mind are in balance only when I am relaxed, and then I can function at its optimum level. Practicing Tai Chi, teaches me how to control everyday stresses, anger, frustrations and I have noticed general improvement in my health both mentally and physically. I'm learning that the relax is the best way to let chi flow and feel in my body.

If you have not tried it, I’d would suggest do it at once. Believe me you won't regret it. It is the key for your happiness. I deeply recommended to anyone who is seeking to gain their health, find another alternative to strengthen their mind, relax and recharge their body, increase their resistance to disease and viruses. Tai Chi offers numerous benefits and it can be practised by everyone, man and woman, young or old, fit or not.

Ivan Tzatchev (Tromsø, Norway), June 2005.

John Garrett

Why you learn Tai Chi?

I decided to practice Tai Chi because I was becoming very stressful and I was developing a depressed attitude toward my health and I was seeking something to help me to calm down as a Martial Artist. I always have been somewhat an hyper Martial Artist; for example, not relaxing when I was teaching and I was seeking to improve my health condition pertaining to having pain in my chest and relieving the numbness in my left arm.

What benefits you have gained from doing Tai Chi?

Here I would like to state that practicing Tai Chi has brought my focus back to the Martial Arts and to myself and to my family. Tai Chi has helped me to have an holistic approach to my health pertaining to mind, body, and spirit peacefulness.

Like I stated in the beginning statement above, I was having pain in my chest and my left arm was going numb. Here, I would liked to mention that heart attack, high blood pressure, hypertension, prostate cancer and diabetes problems run in my immediate family. My beloved mother is suffering from diabetes in a nursing home at this present time (she is completely blind from the disease). I had a younger brother who died at the age of 37 yrs old of an heart attack. One of my late uncles died of a heart attack in his early 60's and my father who is still living now had two heart attacks thus far and one of my uncles died of prostate cancer recently.

I do believe if I wasn't practing Tai Chi, I would have one of these health conditions. The only thing that I'm concerned with at the present time is my PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) test. Every year I have to have this done; because of my borderline level. I do believe, If I wasn't practicing Tai Chi, this situation would be worse than it is.

How SOTC has help you understand the principles of Tai Chi?

Now I realized that only when you are relaxed your mind and your body can function at its optimum level. By practicing Tai Chi, I'm learning to control everyday stresses and I have noticed improvement in my health pertaining to my mental and physical well being. I'm learning that the more you relax the chi will flow much better through out your body.

I would suggest to anyone who is seeking another alternative to their health pertaining to their mind, and to relax and rejuvenate their body, increase their resistance to disease and gain new strength and vitality, young or old, fit or not, Tai Chi offers numerous benefits and it can be experienced by everyone.

John Garrett (Utica, New York), March 2005.

Johanne Hooper

Why you learn Tai Chi?

I decided to learn Tai Chi because I needed something that would help me to be calm. I was a very nervous person. I did Yoga before, but it did not fulfill my needs. I needed to move not meditating in the same position.

What benefits you have gained from doing Tai Chi?

It helped me in more ways that I expected. First of all, I had a lot of pain in my neck. An X-ray showed that I had osteoarthritis. So the doctor told me that he could not do anything about it and that I would have to take anti-inflammatory drugs for the rest of my life to release the pain. So since I have been doing Tai Chi, I do not have pain anymore, and thank God, I don't have to take those drugs to help me. It helps me to be more peaceful, it as also helped me to develop my concentration and surprisingly I am stronger on my legs, I did not have very much balance before. Also in 2003, I have lost my job, lost two of my best friend that died of cancer and lost my father which I loved very much. Tai Chi really helped me to past through this year which was very painful mentally and physically.

How SOTC has helped you understand the principles of Tai Chi?

SOTC is helping me to connect to myself. It helped me to find out that the moment I was thinking that I knew how to do my exercises or the form, well when I look again and listen to the Master, I discovered that I still had a lot to learn and there still a lot of details and deepness in Tai Chi to integrate. So the more I learn the more I discover, and the best way, for me, to learn is to look, listen and practice, and practice, and practice.

Johanne Hooper, February 2005.

Rachel Léveillé

I first started doing Tai Chi because I wanted to exercise. I was looking for a soft, low-impact exercise. I quickly became hooked on Tai Chi. I am 57 years old.

Tai Chi helped my osteoarthritis and my lumbar subluxation by strengthening my muscles and by diminishing the stress and tensions due to everyday life.

I also acquired greater concentration at work.

I realized that it is the soft, slow movements in Tai Chi that are beneficial.

Practicing the Sing Ong Tai Chi method made me less nervous, and in better shape physically, and it increased my self-esteem.

Thanks to Sing Ong Tai Chi and Master Lim, to the patience and the advice, always given with patience, I am in better shape, both physically and mentally.

Rachel Léveillé, February 2005.

Raymond Page

I just turned seventy four years old and from my teenage years until now, sports were taking much of my leisure time. I was into various kinds of activities such as swimming, tennis, physical conditioning, and more. In my forties, playing soccer pushed me the most into training. That led me to running in my late fourties; I actually ran the marathon on three occasions with a really good average time.

Since, we have moved to Blainville and I retired. That's when I decided to get into Sing Ong Tai Chi; I have been a practitioner for two-and-a-half years, being taught by qualified master Lim and Julia.

Sing Ong Tai Chi is a discipline which hones your memory, your concentration, your awareness, as well as your patience because it is performed by moving very slowly. To me, it is a really demanding activity because it is quite different from all other sports I have been involved in. Therefore, as far as I'm concerned, Sing Ong Tai Chi is a challenge. Every move is a combination of mind and spirit, which promotes good health in the end. My master and Julia are doing a great job demonstrating and teaching us the art of Sing Ong Tai Chi. In a soothing setting, here is the perfect discipline to be a martial artist.

P.S. Come and visit us you can see one of the classes. What you see will reveal more than you think.

Raymond Pagé (Blainville), August 2004.

Paul Chartier

After going through brain surgery twice back in 1993 because of an aneurism causing cerebral haemorrhage, I still occasionally suffer from various pains and challenges. Having a hard time coping with noise, being impatient, feeling aggressive, headaches, some memory loss and struggling to concentrate are amongst the problems I have to deal with. I have been suffering from back problems since 1985. After medical imaging, severe signs of ageing and degeneration of my intervertebral discs in addition to a slipped disc L5-S1. In 1999, I had a car accident which resulted in a cervical strain. A cervical densitometry revealed I had osteoarthritis. I was possibly having a hernia C5-C6.

In short, we can say I was afflicted by numerous physical dysfunctions and trauma. My neck and back weren't too flexible; I was arduous for me to pick things up that lay on the floor because I couldn't easily bend and lower my head. After over a hundred hours doing physiotherapy, about fifteen hours of osteopathy, and several visits to the chiropractor and doctor, percocets and other narcotic pain-relief medications, anti-inflammatory treatment, I realized it wasn't doing much to relieve me. I therefore decided to make do with my condition and live as a 65-year-old person even though I was only 47.

Then, some day, as I was skimming through a magazine, I read an article on Tai Chi. Not to mention I had my share of scepticism. But then I went and visited Master Lim's school. He emanated friendliness, calmness, relaxation, kindness, passion, and most importantly energy. To me, it was clear; I had found where I wanted to be.

At first, performing the exercises was somewhat a feat. But keeping at it, the benefits for both the body and the mind started to slowly emerge. I gradually learned how to make my joints supple. To me, this newborn flexibility gave way to a genuine feeling of muscular and psychological relaxation and well-being.

I have now been a Tai Chi practitioner for thirty months. I seldom use pills anymore. I have stop attending physiotherapy sessions as well as chiropractics. It's as if I had gone back to my thirties and rediscovered what being a healthy and active man feels like. To part fatigue and relaxation is something I can easily do today. Tai Chi has become a passion and something that I look forward to doing-a need so to speak. It gave birth to inner peace and a terrific feeling of well-being that was until then unknown to me.

I take this opportunity to warmly give my thanks to Master Lim for giving me the privilege of rediscovering what it means to be physically, psychologically, and spiritually healthy. The only regret I have is not coming in contact with him earlier because of his way of making me see life in a different light. I would also like to thank him for his patience and generosity, as well as to Julia.

As I often share with friends, every one should get to experience what Tai Chi is and to get to meet people like Master Lim.

Paul Chartier, March 2004.

Yves Millette

In addition to all other benefits, it is known that performing tai chi is beneficial to your health. Here is the testimonial of a 54-year-old retired man who started performing the discipline after being afflicted by severe physical problems.

I was an active man who enjoyed training, playing golf, and traveling. Usually full of energy, I was quite the handy man. After a medical exam back in 1997, I was told I had diabetes. A few years later-in 2001-doctors told me I had cancer: multiple myeloma for which I had to get a bone marrow transplant. Because of all the treatments, medication, and chemotherapy, no need to tell you I was out of energy and therefore couldn't do much. I had to let go of all my leisure time activities.

After spending a few months at home, I have had enough and decided to do something about it. Some of my friends mentioned the benefits of attending tai chi classes. So I looked for schools and found one in October of 2003. It was a respectable international school named Sing Ong Tai Chi. The school owner, Master Lim-a qualified teacher-has a passion for spreading his knowledge.

I'm learning to live according to a new philosophy of life and, only after a few months of training, I noticed an astonishing shift in the quality of my health along with gushing energy. Also, as a complement to revised eating habits, performing tai chi helps to fight fatigue and accumulated stress. As far as I'm concerned, tai chi is the art where healing occurs. It also promotes concentration, balance, and relaxation. I also felt my self-confidence increasing. Despite the fact that there is still a lot to learn, I know I will achieve my goal of healthy living and getting back to the activities that meant so much to me. Patience, perseverance, and the guidance of Master Lim are the tools that will make that goal a reality. Thank you Master Lim.

Yves Millette, February 2004.


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